Hello World! I am Miguel Guerra

I am a Software Engineer, full stack developer and data science enthusiastic

Let me tell you about myself:

I'm a Software Engineer with a real passion for learning new technologies and apply them to create great software. Currently, I'm working at Microsoft as a software engineer for the 365 team. Lately, I've been learning Machine Learning and Data Analysis to apply it to real datasets and web applications. My goal is to keep learning new trends in technology and use them to develop practical projects and work with great teams with exciting and professional people in the industry.

Software Engineer is my second career. Before that, I was a nomad chef, where I developed most of my working experience in different countries like Canada, the Dominican Republic, and the USA. Although I love cooking, I also like computers and building software. Some of my hobbies are carpentry, watching and playing football, and practicing sports like surfing and snowboarding.

Full Stack Developer

I'm always looking to keep learning new trends in web development to create better web applications.

Languages I use to build apps:

Javascript, Java, HTML5/CSS3, Node.js, C/C++ and SQL/NoSQL

Dev frameworks, services and technologies:

Computer Science

As a Software Engineer graduate, I worked with concepts, algorithms, and design patterns of computer science and implemented them into the projects I work in.

I had worked with:

Data Science

I've found a passion for Machine Learning. I'm always looking forward to becoming better in this exciting field.

Tasks and concepts I had worked with:

Languages I use to analyse data:

Python, R and SQL

Data tools and libraries:

My Recent Work

Want to see more? Make sure you check out my Github repositories.

Classification and prediction of claims of financial products and services

Multiclass text classification model applying supervised learning algorithms.

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Arnauditc (Arnaud International Trading Company) - web application made for a client.

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Telegram Bot

Coinmoonbot is a Telegram bot that gives you information about the full coin market cap.

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Natours - Responsive landing web page made using CSS animations and float layout.

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Trillo - Responsive web application made using CSS animations and CSS flexbox layout.

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Nexter - Responsive landing web page made using CSS animations and CSS grid layout.

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People I've worked with have said great things about me...

"In his different professional activities, Miguel has demonstrated high performance and consistent discipline as well as strong leadership and an ability to collaborate with others. Miguel has very strong analytical and problem-solving skills and these qualities strongly support my recommendation."

René Patricio Villarreal Arrambide, PhD.

Centro de Capital Intelectual y Competitividad (CECIC) - President

"During his time at Spruce, Miguel had a meaningful impact on the kitchen and staff. He is highly respected by his co-workers for the fact that he is a very dedicated worker, and is the first to help out when he can. Working every day with a serious drive and consideration for the success of the restaurant, Miguel was a true asset in the kitchen."

Mark Sullivan

Executive Chef at Spruce Restaurant - Bacchus Management Group

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